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Just Now!! The first loads of Mackerel are being unloaded in New Bedford!

enterprise unloading at norpelThe first loads of Mackerel are being unloaded in New Bedford by the Midwater pair Enterprise and Retriever. The fish are rumored to be high quality and should provide a nice bit of money for crews whose livelyhood has been beleaguered by increasingly difficult regulation and closures. With the recent bit of bad weather subsiding expect most midwater vessels to depart for sea in search of some holiday cheer after a very poor herring year. 07:43

Just Now!! Out Bound from New Bedford, F/V Arcturus


Just Now!! The F/V Vanquish in Hog Island Channel


Just Now!! Mackerel as far as the eye can see

freezer mackerelThese mackerel are being frozen at the Norpel fish plant in New Bedford. With just over 4 percent of the quota for 2014 there is speculation that the fishery will be stopped on George’s Bank due to bycatch of the over-abundant haddock that are currently drastically under-fished due to regulatory problems in the New England ground fish fishery. 14:31:08

Just Now!! The eyes and ears of marine science.

fishery observerThe eyes and ears of marine science. Fisheries observer Lauren samples herring catch off of Cape Cod.  A recent graduate of N.E.F.O.P. herring training this was her first tow sample in the herring fishery. 18:27

Just Now!! F/V Mary K Backing up in a frozen harbor.

backing upThe harbor in New Bedford is frozen over and the Norpel fish plant is processing the mackeral that always seem to show up with the cold weather.  12:55

Just Now!! The water boat in New Bedford, Massachusetts pulls up to deliver some much needed water

water barge jjCapable of pumping 7000 gallons of water in 40 minutes the water boat is crucial to the vessels that utilize the port during the freezing weather of winter when frozen garden hoses just won’t do.  13:03:32

Just Now! F/V Osprey sails out of New Bedford across a skim of ice.

unnamed osprey leaving NB08:06

Just Now! The Midnight Sun steams into Gloucester past Cape Pond Ice the coolest place in town.

20131107_085210 09:50

Just Now! UConn R/V Conneticut steams into Gloucester. Possibly to research why the fish port is so idle.(Fishing where the fish are is against the law…….that was easy).


Just now! Lobster boats drift waiting to buy bait in Gloucester harbor.

20131021_065552 With herring fishery in area 1A closed fresh bait and tempers are getting a little short. At least one of these boats was turned away due to the bait dealer reserving supply for his regular vessels. Many lobster boats were buying cheap dragger bait this year and may find themselves left out when it comes time to buy bait stored by regular bait suppliers.   06:40

Just now – F/V Miss Trish bound from Gloucester

20131019_113944  Miss Trish12:41