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On Long Island, fishing is a family business and a way of life

Mark and Mary Bess Phillips are among a dwindling number of commercial fishing families on Long Island. On Wednesday, July 25, they discussed their experiences while their boat the “Illusion” was docked at Greenport Harbor. >click to watch<08:34

Many are injured on the job, most lack health insurance. Meet the cowboys of the sea.

North Carolina fishermen work long hours, and many fish alone. When harvesting shrimp, they can stay out on the water four to five days at a time. Broken bones and lacerations are common. Fishermen are disproportionately affected by skin cancer. The majority complain of back pain. Other lose limbs, even as many don’t have health insurance. Some die by drowning. One hurricane or unexpected cold front can move their crop. The stakes are high. But they don’t think about these things much and they didn’t see why a health care reporter was interested in talking to them, even as they admitted health care concerns have changed how many approached their fishing careers. For Glenn Skinner, 45, fishing is freedom. It’s in his blood. He’s a fourth generation fisherman from Carteret County and has been on fishing boats since he was 4 years old. >click to read<09:04

PHOTOS: Nurturing a life connected to Southeast Alaska fishing

Karen Johnson of the fishing vessel F/V Cloud Nine – “I started fishing when I was 6. There are different kinds of fishermen, as there are with any type of job I suppose. My perception of fishing is I love it. I love the life, I love the ocean, I love the excitement, I love the peacefulness, I love the hard work. I can be sea sick, look up, and still be amazed by my surroundings. Read more here, photos. alaskadispatch  11:43

Fishermen can be a Rather Superstitous Bunch

herman, monique coombsFishermen can be a rather superstitious bunch. I’m not sure where that trait comes from. Perhaps way back in the day, the first fishermen believed that if they did this one thing that they would catch more fish, and it just developed over time from there. Read more here visitmaine.com 09:21