Fresh as it gets: Market sells seafood straight from Alaska

The Alaskan cod sold at Cline’s Farm Market in Clear Brook is as fresh as you can get short of catching it yourself. That’s because Beth Nowak and her brother, Jim Hubbard, have a special business arrangement. Hubbard, who operates Kruzof Fisheries LLC in Seward, Alaska, catches the cod in the Gulf of Alaska, then processes, bags and freezes it immediately on his boat, the Fishing Vessel F/V Kruzof. It’s then expedited to Nowak, who operates Cline’s Farm Market at 920 Hopewell Road with business partner Becky Price and sold before it has a chance to thaw. “We’re capturing quality at that point of freshness,” Jim Hubbard said during a late April visit to his sister’s home at Mayfair Farm in Bunker Hill, West Virginia. “Within two hours of a fish coming out of the water, it’s in a freezer.” If you think there’s no difference between Hubbard’s cod and the fresh fish displayed in chilled coolers at grocery stores, think again. Nowak said “fresh” isn’t always as fresh as it seems. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 20:46

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