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Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program – 2017 Awards

NOAA Fisheries has awarded more than $2.3 million to partners around the country to support innovative bycatch reduction research projects through its . Bycatch of various species–fish, marine mammals, or turtles–can have significant biological, economic, and social impacts. Preventing and reducing bycatch is a shared goal of fisheries managers, the fishing industry, and the environmental community. click here to read the notice 14:10

Our View: The state let down fluke fishermen

AR-160119723.jpg&MaxW=650&MaxH=650As frequently as the federal government is criticized for regulations that make it harder to keep groundfish vessels operating in the black, it is disappointing that it was state regulations that failed fishermen last week. One of the local boat owners that saw hoped-for profits disappear — a result of the necessary and justifiable decision to flee foul weather and seek safe harbor — offered to trade off fluke quota at the end of the season for the opportunity to land what he had aboard last week. The state wouldn’t allow it, based on different fluke seasons for ports in different states. Read the op-ed here 07:38

Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Institute Releases Summary of “Incorporating Environmental Change in Assessments and Management” Workshop

logoThe meeting was held May 7-8 at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth School for Marine Science and Technology. continued

Letter: Complex fisheries need experts like Rothschild – Roy Enoksen


I believe the university needs to tell the public if it will remain an independent fishery school or a rubber stamp for National Marine Fisheries. Removing Brian Rothschild from the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Institute does not appear to me to be a positive move for the fisheries.Dr. Rothschild, as we all know, is renowned throughout the world in fisheries. The reasons given by the school for his removal (“Fisheries institute revamp removes Rothschild,” Dec. 14) do not add up. Read More