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Northeast Ocean Plan would coordinate 20-plus federal agencies, Public comment period underway

cape-wind-power-farm-b1The Northeast Ocean Plan will offer a new system for federal agencies to look at each other’s data and gather more information from stakeholders like fishermen and shipping companies. The plan is a result of a 2010 executive order and is being facilitated in New England by the Northeast Regional Ocean Council. Similar plans are being crafted in the mid-Atlantic and West Coast regions.,, Anne Merwin, director of ocean planning at the political advocacy group Ocean Conservancy, said there are more than 20 federal agencies with jurisdiction over the ocean.,, John Williamson, who previously worked in the commercial fishing industry, said the new plan will be helpful for offshore stakeholders, especially fishermen. Offshore wind power, for example, has grown, and Williamson said it is expected to continue growing in the next 10 years. (it appears he has embraced this! http://www.seakeeper.org/) Erik Anderson, a former commercial fisherman from Portsmouth, said some fishermen fear data found in the plan will be used to create new restrictions on where fishing can take place, designating those areas to other industries like offshore wind power. Read the rest here 09:32

NROC Comment on the Draft Ocean Planning Goals by Dr Damon E. Cummings, Ph.D. Ocean Engineering, Gloucester, MA,

6/27/2013 – I found your comment form far too restrictive for what I wish to say and therefore have written this memo.,,, and so begins an excellent comment from Dr. D E Cummings to the Northeast Regional Ocean Council, which he allowed me to share. I only wish there were more people that cared about the big picture, and recognize it for what it really is. Damon Cummings does, and he spoke up for fishermen. Thank you.  Link to the comment.  NROP comment form