New Bedford mayor unhappy with Baker pick for council pick

Plymouth resident Michael Pierdinock was named to a seat representing Massachusetts on the New England Fishery Management Council, a panel that sets rules for the fishing industry such as catch limits. It is one of eight such regional councils nationwide. Pierdinock will replace former state Rep. John Quinn, a Dartmouth resident and longtime member who had years of expertise regarding commercial fishing issues in Greater New Bedford. “When it comes to commercial fishing in Massachusetts, New Bedford should be top of mind, not an afterthought,” Mitchell added.  >click to read< 09:46

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  1. Sam Parisi says:

    I have known Jim Kendell for some time he would have been a good choice ,and is well educated on fish issues .


    I think we have a RODA issue and I’m not talking about Valerie Harper…
    I don’t think they appreciated the Block Island Wind-Farm review. Well Micheal nothing speaks clearer than honestly!!! That’s where RODA gets a little upset!!! Nice article Micheal:


    Would you like to know what really gets to me with some of these Articles is what gets left out.
    Sand Lance the Quintessential forage fish for over a hundred ocean Creatures Shore Birds to whales especially Humpback Whales… Talk about Scar face!!!
    Sand Lance:


    Didn’t have room for Scar-Face
    HUMPBACK WHALES bottom feeding on Sand Lance:

    One more thing European Green Crabs!!! Remember where that invasive species came from??? What habitat the Turbine bases will make… Don’t worry they just eat everything!!!
    Read: “Nature is not a Whore!!! Unlike the self annointed ROADIES!!!

  5. Rocky Novello says:

    The present N.E.F.M.C & doing a poor job Managing Our Fish Stocks ? Everyone should unhappy of their decisions ? The main deficiency is that for the last 20 years our ocean has been drastically changed because of global warming of our oceans ! These agencies are still using 50 year rules & regulations that are outdated & should be changed as our ocean changed ? Our U.S. Fisheries Managers must think of the future of U.S. Fisheries not using old science & rules & regulations for making their decisions !


    • - Moderator says:

      I have to agree, Sam, that Jim would’ve been a good choice, being one of the first guy I started learning from. A great guy..

      SBH, everything out there is in love with the sand lance, even the cod, who now favor them to herring, according to an un-official NOAA taste test conducted randomly through out the herring stocks!

      Happy Fourth of July, Rocky Novello. Gotta be careful with the “cancel culture” lurking about! God Bless America! I wonder when the other species migrating northward, like, say, blue crab are, and when they’ll show up? I think we have a chemical/medication situation with sewerage treatment plants, and would like to see an inventory of all outfall pipes from sewerage plants, to fish farms, and their affect on climate change.


    HAPPY 4th everyone!!! Lets not celebrate our Independence by giving our Oceans away TO FAUX-WIND!!! BH is right the Clean-Waters Act could use a major review… Out of sight out of MIND!!! Then nature we Should’ve been slipping the Seals B-C decades ago… Just wait till your first “Whiter shade of pale” experience??? I’m surprised Vegas hasn’t established “ODDS!!!” Not quite 50 years yet “JAWS”, some f#cking real now!!!Imagine this the real “Bite Coin!!!” (Great White SBH 2020 COPYRIGHT)

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