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Inshore shrimp harvesters, plant workers worried about 2018

It’s another year of uncertainty for harvesters and plant workers in shrimp fishing area 6.  On Feb. 16, DFO released findings that northern shrimp stocks in area 6 had declined another 16 per cent from last year. The stock remains in the “critical” zone. This information came following a year when inshore harvesters saw a 63 per cent quota cut. If the stock decrease is a sign that more quota cuts are coming, it’s looking like another difficult year for local harvesters and plant workers. Chris Rose of St. Carol’s is an inshore shrimp harvester. He is the owner and skipper of the Ashley and Brothers, a 65-footer. >click to read< 12:39

Minister defends LIFO decision, northern shrimp stocks under pressure linked to rebounding cod stock

LeBlancThe federal fisheries minister stands by his recent decision to scrap the Last In, First Out policy and reduce the northern shrimp quota, while also indicating some news is on the way concerning northern cod. Speaking with reporters in Bay de Verde Monday following an announcement about funding for small craft harbours, Dominic LeBlanc said he worked with the information he had and consulted with federal and provincial politicians before electing to scrap LIFO. The decision fell in line with the recommendation of an advisory panel that consulted with the public and presented a report to the minister. Later when asked by The Compass about the potential return of a groundfish harvest, LeBlanc acknowledged he has received some advice suggesting areas where northern shrimp stocks are under pressure can be linked to a rebounding cod stock. Read the rest here 10:41