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Zinke tells Trump – Shrink at least 4 national monuments and modify a half-dozen others

The secretary’s set of recommendations also would change the way all 10 targeted monuments are managed. It emphasizes the need to adjust the proclamations to address concerns of local officials or affected industries, saying the administration should permit “traditional uses” now restricted within the monuments’ boundaries, such as grazing, logging, coal mining and commercial fishing.,, The White House is reviewing the recommendations and has not reached a final decision on them. click here to read the story 08:58

At Asia-Pacific summit, Kerry gives wrong advice for world’s fisheries

But Secretary Kerry gets some key facts wrong here. For one, most of the fisheries of the world are not overfished. In 2014, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) placed that number at 29 percent, and reported that approximately 70 percent of the stocks that they assessed were being fished within biologically sustainable levels. If the U.S. is going to promote sustainability worldwide, it should acknowledge current management successes. Read the rest here 12:35

Conservationists Spar With Fishermen Over World’s Largest Marine Monument

No FishingFrom the article: “It is very likely that the canneries would go away if the proposed monument expands,”, “they are getting squeezed” by increasing regulations and competition from Asia. Monica Medina, the senior director of International Ocean Policy for National Geographic, says the debate over whether to expand the monument really should not hinge on a cost-and-benefit analysis to fisheries. Read the rest here 15:17:34

Podesta, White House warned about Pew ocean preserve expansion to combat ‘climate change’

No FishingJohn Podesta, the Obama administration’s climate and energy czar, got a blunt warning this week that a plan to cut off all fishing in a huge, U.S.-controlled tract of the Pacific Ocean would have devastating economic effects in the region, and would cede geopolitical advantages to China and other Pacific powers., Federal officials did not allow the session to be filmed   Read the rest here   19:31    PEW “CONFIDENTIAL BACKGROUND DOSSIER Here

Fishing in murky waters: the administration’s secretive oceans policies come under fire

No FishingThe Obama administration is using its “phone and pen” method of governing by executive action to push its agenda and extend its powers in a huge new area: the Pacific Ocean. American fishermen are reacting with skepticism, concern and frustration at the latest murky steps to prevent fishing in vast tracts of the Pacific. Read more here 18:22

Obama’s Pacific no-fish zone questioned

baby fishermanA United States fishery scientist says the US President’s vow to dramatically increase a no-fishing zone in the Pacific is nothing more than a gesture. “It will have no conservation benefit on tunas and other highly migratory species. They move about so if they’re not subject to fishing mortality in one area, they may be in another. And we just don’t see this as anything more than really sort of being a gesture more than anything else.” Read more here 19:50