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Prized but Perilous Catch – In Hunt for Red Abalone, Divers Face Risks and Poachers Face the Law

abalone_show-slide-E5XD-jumboFORT BRAGG, Calif. — Every year, as steady as the tides, lifeless bodies are pulled from the cold, restless water along the rugged coastline north of San Francisco. Most of the victims are middle-aged men. They wear black wet suits, usually hooded. They are often found in small coves framed by crescents of jagged rocks. An abandoned float tube sometimes bobs about nearby. Almost without exception, the victims are found wearing weighted belts that help them sink. Read more here 10:18

Tasty abalone carefully farmed under Monterey’s wharf

Way out at the very end of the Municipal Wharf in Monterey, Art Seavey descends through a trapdoor, walks on a handmade network of slippery wooden planks and pulls a rope to hoist a dripping wire cage up from the ocean. Inside are thousands of growing abalone,,,, Read more here  sfgate  12:08