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An open letter to NOAA, Sam Frontiero, Gloucester

manatthewheelWell, John Bullard, you have put the final nail in the fisherman’s coffin and you must be proud. You have taken away the livelihood of the fisherman and the thousands of related jobs to the industry. You must be proud. You have hurt our young people’s chances for an education with your junk science, people paying their mortgages and so much more. You must be proud. I’ve always said along with power comes corruption and NOAA has shown that now and in the past. Read the rest here  10:30

Letter to the Editor: Bullard’s spin on fishery doesn’t hold water – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester Ma.

gdt iconAfter reading his letter, and following his actions, it shows just how destructive the views of NOAA Northeast Administrator John Bullard are. Throughout history, people leave their legacies, and his, I believe, will be as the tyrant that took down the fishing industry which has been around since the beginning of time. His orders on catch limits are taking down all related jobs and crippled so many families — all because of his so-called power. continued  Bullard’s letter

Letter: Federal fishing actions an outrage to all, not just the fisherman – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester

paul vitaleListening to Peter Shelley of the Conservation Law Foundation in a recently recorded interview shows the mentality of conservationists and rule makers within our federal government. He states he can understand why fisherman get mad sometimes. He essentially said that, yes, policies make fishermen lose their jobs _ but who cares as long as I still have my paycheck. Everyone should be outraged, not just the fisherman. Read more

Letter: Clueless research drives NOAA’s ‘science’ – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester

I’m sure some people don’t have a clue how the science of fish stocks and all these decisions are mostly made of. Here’s some input on how NOAA determines its so-called science, which has put thousands of fisherman out of work and ruined other jobs related jobs to the industry — probably thousands of jobs overall. Years ago, NOAA actually had a well known Gloucester fishing captain go on a trip and observe what they do. They picked spots via computer, to make 30-40 minute tows. But many times, they were trying spots that there was known not to be any fish to start with — areas that fisherman wouldn’t fish that time of year. Read more here