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Another unlawful action by NOAA – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester

communismNOAA has already crippled the fishing industry with its junk science, but I guess they have a few more nails to pound into the coffin. They have implemented an observer program in which boats have to bring out observers to track their catch and monitor their fishing because as you know, American fishermen are actually under communist rule and the laws and rights of the American don’t apply to them. So here is the scenario to understand: Read the letter here 08:04

Letter: Time for fishermen to stand united – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester, Ma

gdt iconIt saddens me and makes me angry after reading the quotes from Joe Orlando and Christine Sherman in the Times (Page 1, Wednesday, July 31). I have sent numerous letters to Obama and even his wife. Who knows if they even see them. But Michelle sent back totallly disregarding what I wrote, sending a generic response and a website to see all the good their administration has done. I thought he would make a change and to listen to him talk about jobs, makes me puke. And I voted for him. [email protected]