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Boatbuilders boosting capacity and hiring workers to keep up with demand

Wedgeport Boats is boosting its production capacity and hiring more employees to meet the strong demand for modern lobster-fishing boats.,, The challenge for Nova Scotia’s boatyards – some industry insiders say the biggest challenge – is finding those employees to build increasingly complex and larger lobster-fishing boats. “Boatbuilders are looking at replacing wood with some composite panels for deckhouses,” said Tim Edwards, executive director of the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association. “Many lobster boats are being fitted with live wells – to help improve the quality of landed catch. click here to read the story 08:54

Boudreau family makes local shipbuilding history

The largest modern fishing boat ever manufactured on Isle Madame hit the water in October. Father and son duo Adolphe and Shawn Boudreau completed construction on the fishing vessel All Segments, which was purchased by the Everett family of Digby. The hulking 50-foot by 30-foot boat weighs in at 90 tonnes. click here to read the story w/photos 16:30

Mother’s Day is extra special for this boat building team

Joyce and Anita Cottreau spend every day working side by side on the floor of the bustling Wedgeport Boats yard in southwest Nova Scotia. A female fibreglass team is a rarity in itself, but this duo is also mother and daughter. “Working together has brought us closer together,” Joyce, 59, said. The two plan to spend Mother’s Day together, which they say will be no less special for being workmates. “Mom has always been there for me, even though she has worked full time since I was a baby,” Anita said. “Anything I needed or wanted, she’s bent over backwards for me, so I definitely have to appreciate that — and still do.”  Video, read the rest here 10:08