FISH-NL launches ‘Full-Steam Ahead’ crowdfunding campaign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, 2019

FISH-NL launched the “Full-Steam Ahead” public crowdfunding campaign today to raise $40,000 to support the ongoing province-wide membership drive.

“Every time FISH-NL has put out a call for support, inshore harvesters, their families and our supporters in rural Newfoundland and Labrador have answered,” says Cleary. “We need you once again to push this movement over the top.”

“As a grassroots organization, the volunteer efforts dedicated to building FISH-NL are critical. It would cost $1 million or more to do this drive if we didn’t didn’t have the volunteer army we have, and we can’t thank them enough.”

FISH-NL is primarily funded by harvesters voluntarily paying membership dues. However, the card-signing campaign comes with additional expenses, and funds raised will cover costs such as printing, postage, temporary staffing, and touring the province to meet face-to-face with harvesters.

“Every day FISH-NL signs more members in a drive that will culminate in early November with an application for certification to the province’s Labour Relations Board,” Cleary added. “It’s been an honour and pleasure to meet with Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who want to see a better future for our inshore fishery, who want FISH-NL to lead the charge as a union solely for inshore harvesters.”

FISH-NL will accept contributions from harvesters or the general public, although fish processors/buyers and the offshore crowd can keep their money.

Please find the link to the Full-Steam Ahead campaign here:

Contact: Ryan Cleary 682 4862