Ørsted and Eversource partner with fishermen’s consortium – First Agreement of its kind

The agreement marks the first time an offshore wind developer and a commercial fishing consortium sign a substantial commercial contract in the history of U.S. offshore wind. Separately, Ørsted has also begun discussions with Sea Services to expand this scope into its Ocean Wind and Skipjack Wind Farms, serving New Jersey and Maryland respectively.,,, Sea Services CEO and co-founder, Gordon Videll, ”When our vessels and crews are not fishing, we will be providing Ørsted and Eversource with 24/7 monitoring of all designated wind project assets, as well as monitoring and education for vessels traveling in designated areas. As wind farms mature and grow, so will opportunities for the Sea Services consortium.” >click to read< 07:35

Ørsted, Eversource Hire Sea ServIces to Ensure Safety During Offshore Wind Farm Construction >click to read<

6 Responses to Ørsted and Eversource partner with fishermen’s consortium – First Agreement of its kind

  1. Joel H says:

    F’n traitors to the fishing industry. Let the back stabbing begin.


    By the sounds of that commingling they’ll be using something softer than Knives, still from the back though!!!

    OBAMA was nothing more then a sellout!!!
    Hope the Gulls show you their discontent out their back vents, since you put them on the hit list!!!

    STANDING BYE to stand bye

  3. Sea Moss says:

    The more ya read, the more you realize how much you didn’t know, and there are quite a few out there for themselves, Imagine that! Anybody see this? They used to put that up here. Slipping, I think. http://blogs.edf.org/edfish/2021/05/19/charting-a-new-course-toward-sustainable-offshore-aquaculture/
    This must go with the offshore wind farms?
    Standing by.


      They’re very clever about leaving stuff out on purpose… Look at some of the fishery studies and what they leave out… Sand Lance the quintessential forage fish they spend a great deal of time burrowed in the Sand… European Green Crabs a major invasive species… Look how well they’ve handled the Seal issue and the Great Whites… Fifty years ago one Shark in a movie “JAWS” left many boaters and Beachgoers unnerved and on guard!!! Now we’re talking reality!!!
      I’m just getting warmed up…


      Years ago a Fishing Vessel with a cloud of Sea Gulls would be a normal site on a daily basis, multiple Vessels… It still happens but not often!!! There’s a lot of completion for food out there now!!!
      What’s going to happen when you have Vessels trying to scratch up a living amongst Caligula’s play ground??? The Gulls are going to have there eyes on the Ball, free food as the crew cleans the catch and the Vessel…That’s when the PINWHEEL ROULETTE begins… I know there are a lot of PHD’s involved in different ways with this… Remember a Medical Doctors credo: “First do no harm!!!” What type of integrity do we find amongst this faux Green attack!!! -SBH-


    Oh, there’s far more in store… I trust you’ve heard of the author Eric Schwaab he’s an old-whore from way back!!! Obama’s Ocean Policy is criminal he sold us out… Windfarms, Mining, Aquaculture, Ocean Monuments that you can’t even Rod and Reel fish in, etc… The non-profit Green Cottage Industry… The manipulative chumped-up Lawsuits against the EPA, and other easy targets!!! They’re all in bed together!!! COMMON WHORES!!! Nature is not your Whore!!!
    Back the F#ck off!!!

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