Defense argues accused lobster boat captain had right of way in boat fatality

The defence lawyer for lobster boat captain Clarence Barry White argued his client had the right of way the day two boats collided, killing two people. “Captain White had the right of way,” Casey told Justice Gregory Cann, in connection with the incident June 9, 2018 in water off Beach Point, P.E.I. “The events were tragic, but you should find they were not criminal.” Casey recounted what the defence contends are key facts from the incident, in which White’s boat, Forever Chasin’ Tail, collided with Joel ’98, killling two of the five people on that vessel: Justin MacKay and Chris Melanson. White’s boat approached the other from starboard. According to the rules of boating, he had the right of way, Casey told court. Court has heard White’s boat was on autopilot,,, >click to read<  Marine Transportation Safety Investigation M18A0185 – Collision and Sinking, Forever Chasin’ Tail , and Joel ’98  The following is a summary of a Category 5 occurrence for which the TSB dispatched a team of investigators. The investigation is now complete. >click to read< 20:05

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