UPDATED: The mystery of the lost-and-found ‘Perfect Storm’ photo album – “Don’t come back to my bar.”

After three days missing, The Crow’s Nest, the Gloucester bar featured in the 2000 movie “The Perfect Storm”, has had its photo album honoring the film and those who died on the original Andrea Gail returned. “We are thrilled to have our photo album back! It was sent overnight from Georgia,”. An anonymous note accompanied the album. The photo album, which went missing from the neighborhood bar on Sunday, featured photos of not only the actors in the film, but the original crew aboard the vessel who died. >click to read< 09:41

Stolen photo album that documents ‘The Perfect Storm’ filming returned to owners – Maryanne Shatford and her husband, Gregg Sousa, have their memories on display at their Gloucester bar, the Crow’s Nest. Among their most prized possessions was a photo album with pictures of Hollywood stars George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and the other actors in the film. “Don’t come back to my bar. But I’m glad we got it back,” Sousa said. >click to read<

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