‘Free’ Offshore Wind Farm Power Costs Six Times the National Average Cost of Power in USA

Americans are fast learning that the cost of wind power is staggering, and the cost of offshore wind power is astronomical. Joe Biden and his Squad are eager to plant thousands of these things up and down the Atlantic coast, claiming that offshore wind power is ‘free’ and getting cheaper all the time. It’s a myth, to be sure, as Willis Eschenbach carefully details below. Block Island Wind Farm – And what are the economics of the Block Island Wind Farm? (insanity!) How much is that energy worth? The nationwide average to the customer is around 13 cents/kWh,,, And how much is Rhode Island paying for this “inexpensive” wind energy? Hang on to your jaw so it doesn’t hit the floor … they’re paying 24.4 cents/kWh, six times the national average, and it’s going up by 3.5% per year … so in ten years it will be 34.4 cents/kWh. But wait, there’s more.,,, Oh, plus the surcharge to pay for the transmission cable,,, >click to read< 09:54

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    I realize I’m off subject but this was a great year for Right Whales in Cape Cod Bay… Back in 2010 there was an extraordinary year for Right Whales off of Block Island before the Wind-Farm… I was only able to find a Mother and a Calf well south of the Island for this year… Block Island Wind articles state that there has never been a major Whale migration along the EUROPEAN Wind-Farms, what aren’t they saying??? Whale and Wind-Farm stories are limited… So how did this large group of Right Whales maneuver the Wind-Farm on their way to Cape Cod Bay??? Pictures anyone???
    Regards, –SBH–


    Why do I keep thinking “Somewhere over the Rainbow”???
    Oh Gina, you know Joel ??? Your Wicked Witch of the West was standing there right up front!!! Dawn breaks on Marblehead, R.i.’s, little Denmark where’s the Red Zone??? So will the real RODA promoter please stand up??? You Could cut a lot of red tape with those scissors GINA!!!

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