It was another million-fish-day in the Nushagak! – Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: July 8, 2021

The Nushagak’s harvests are unprecedented. Fishermen here have caught more than a million fish for seven of the last eight days. “In 2018 we had six days over a million harvests, but that’s the only thing that’s come close,” said Sands. “Up until 2017 I don’t think there was ever a day in Nushagak Bay that caught over one million sockeye in a day.” Sands says the catch numbers aren’t just brushing the million fish mark — they’re blowing past it. Messages to the fleet A shout out to the crew of the Vega! We are rooting for all you guys: John, Ryan (Da-da) and the Flagstaff boys (Quinn, Tad & Roomi)!! From all of us in Salt Lake City & Flagstaff! audio report, >click to read<11:17

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