Divide and Conquer – With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies

Try and imagine a campaign by environmental NGOs to end the use of ploughs in agriculture, on the basis that it’s damaging to the biodiversity of rural regions and wrecks natural habitats. The immediate question would be what effect such a limitation would have on the availability of food. Turn it around and apply that question to demersal trawling, and nobody in authority or at any ENGO seems to equate fish with food. Fishing in Europe (and the UK, where the political climate in this respect remains much the same) has been under a wholesale assault from organisations that have little love for fishermen, yet the fishing industry itself remains at odds with itself, frequently doing the work of fishing’s opponents for them. The tactics are now familiar, pick as a target a relatively small sector over which there are already deep divisions within the industry, and go from there to deepen the divides, play on old enmities and appeal to long-held prejudices, and nurture the tall poppy syndrome.  >click to read< 12:54

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  1. Willy says:

    Divide and conquer, a practice that has worked wonderfully against fishermen. Here on the west coast of USA the ENGOs have successfully waved money under the noses of certain segments to get them to do their bidding while wrecking havoc on the industry as a whole.


    They did it here on the East Coast “Catch Shares” divide and conquer… Then Obamas Ocean Policy the right to lease away what was all AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY… Soon to be DEATH by a few thousand Wind-Turbines connected by thousands of miles of High Voltage Power-Lines pumping out 400,000 Volt with little to no EMF Shielding!!! Even if you could manufacture it properly… It would be cost prohibitive, and minimize flexibility for installation… Block Islands Mini Wind-farm puts out 40,000 Volts, Micheal Pierdinock reviewed the Power-Line once a fishing hot spot, vacant of Fish then…
    Regards, –SBH– (Did someone say RED TIDE???)
    Our catch share Queen is the same Phd that “COREXITED” the GOM

    • - Moderator says:

      #THEMOSTDANGEROUSWOMANONTHEPLANET – There seems to be a few of those around, Striper! Ole Lube Job Jane has some serious competition in Big Blow Joe’s bizarre cabinet.


    Dr. Jane Luchenco of EDF nominated to head NOAA by Obama… Never mentioned a word about”Catch Shares” during her hearings!!! Established “Catch Shares” an EDF/CLF game plan (Corporate Takeover) divide and conquer…Despite the 1989 Exxon Valdez spills use of COREXIT and it’s poisonous results!!! She had millions of gallons of COREXIT poured and sprayed all over the GOM and surrounding Migratory Birds winter homes… The POISON remains viewed in Plumes per a $500 million collaborative… RED-TIDE!!!
    Dr.Jane is on Pres. Bidens climate A-team…

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