Wind farms: Where are all of the ocean saviors?

The precautionary principle has deep roots finding expression in sayings such as ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ or ‘better safe than sorry’. The use of the precautionary principle in ecosystem management is especially important,,, Repeated failures of management highlighted by the collapse of northern cod off Canada, the California sardine fishery, and herring, sandeels, blue whiting and capelin stocks in the North Sea have demonstrated the need for this approach in order to help address scientific uncertainty. Yet when it comes to protecting huge swaths of ocean,,, Clog our near shore and offshore waters with hulking (approaching 1,000 feet tall today, who knows what’s in store for tomorrow?) structures supporting huge rotors with tips moving through the air at velocities approaching 200 miles per hour? So what? Festoon our sea beds with electrical cables carrying huge amounts of electricity, And what of undersea server farms,,, >click to read< 15:43 Nils E. Stolpe/FishNet USA. © 2021 Nils E. Stolpe, July 31

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    Just like Creatures getting suffocated during undersea mining… Insufficient EMF shielding on High Voltage underwater Power-Lines how many creatures are being exterminated or sterilized?
    Returning the unwanted bits and pieces from an underwater mining operation is pollution and what about unknown dangers too???
    Have Sand Lance, often left off of Surveys been tested for EMF and stray Electricity effects at working levels??? European Green Crab also often left off the survey list!!! What habitat the Turbine bases will make for them??? Glad to see Calamity made the cut… The A-Team #THEMOSTDANGEROUSWOMANONTHEPLANET


    Micheal Pierdinock a new member off the NMFS Board appointed by Gov. Baker. Is interviewed by David Abel off The Boston Globe. I was unable to get the link to work this is the articles title: “Opponents say Block Island Wind Farms are causing problems across prime fishing grounds.” 3-16-2018. He speaks of the Turbine Bases attacting Fish.
    While the main Power-Line to Shore was devoid of Fish. Statements of a 40,000 Volts Line 1/10th of a full size unit is it EMF Shielded??

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