Federal Court rules on the side of fishermen on Class B licence policy

At the end of December, the Federal Court of Canada ruled a judicial review of the decision prohibiting the sale of a Class B licence, in a court case initiated by Newfoundland fisherman Donald Publicover, would be allowed. Upon hearing the news that the wheels of justice had acted in the fishermen’s favour, and that change to the policy applied to Class B licences may be afoot, James MacDonald, a lifelong fisherman who currently holds a Class B lobster licence, said, “That’s tremendous and I think we deserve that … we were told, ‘Oh, if the time comes that you want to get your Class A licence back, you can get them.’ But, if we can get that, we can either hand down or sell the ones we have, that’s better than letting them die with us.” >click to read< 07:20

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