3 Texas men cited for red snapper violations

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP)     Three Texas men face federal reef fish violations for allegedly harvesting red snapper without a permit and exceeding bag limits. The state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said Thursday that it cited the men 49-year-old Oscar Naranjo, of Galveston, Texas; 51-year-old Eustacio Rangel, of Port Isabelle, Texas; and 47-year-old Vincent Longoria, of Palacios, Texas for being illegally in possession of 42 red snapper.

Agents patrolling 50 miles south of Grand Isle in the Gulf of Mexico boarded an 80-foot shrimp trawling vessel and found the fish inside an insulated holding box. The men did not possess a commercial permit needed to harvest and sell reef fish. Shrimp trawl vessels may not exceed recreational reef fish bag limits, which are two per person for red snapper.

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