Japan’s squid fishermen grow irate over North Korean missiles

missels, japans eezJapanese squid fishermen are starting to feel like sitting ducks as North Korea continues to fire ballistic missiles that end up hitting their fishing grounds in the Sea of Japan. “We don’t know when and where (North Korean missiles) will drop,” said an official of a fisheries cooperative at Hachinohe Port in Aomori Prefecture, which boasts the largest squid haul in Japan. “It’s like an unpredictable accident waiting to happen, and we cannot do anything about it.” In its latest act of belligerence, North Korea fired three ballistic missiles on Sept. 5 that dropped within Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) about 200 to 250 kilometers from Okushirito island of Hokkaido. The areas in the Sea of Japan where the missiles landed contain fishing grounds of Japanese flying squid, according to the Tokyo-based Japan Squid Fisheries Association (JASFA). Read the story here 10:52

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