Sandwich lobsterman raises concerns about offshore wind farms

After 40 years in the business, Sandwich commercial lobsterman Marc Palombo foresees the presence of fog in the summer months as his biggest worry as he considers whether or not to navigate through the proposed swath of offshore wind turbines south of the Islands.,,,The Coast Guard has begun a study of vessel traffic — a Port Access Route Study, or PARS — in and around the seven offshore energy lease areas south of the Islands, off both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, to determine if any new vessel travel routes are necessary to improve navigational safety,,, >click to read<22:17

2 Responses to Sandwich lobsterman raises concerns about offshore wind farms

  1. peaceandquietplease says:

    considering for land based wind turbines the manufacturers “used” to have, as part of the operating manual, a safety setback of at least 2,000′ (Vestas removed this from their public manual when distance become an issue in selling their turbines). It should be noted that this safety setback was for a relatively small scale wind turbine – SO – fo massive OFFSHORE wind turbines there should be NO ONE allowed within at least half a mile or more – never mind be allowed to travel between the turbines? OFFSHORE wind is a bunko scheme and will be harmful to sea life, fisherman and the boating public!

  2. peaceandquietplease says:

    Take a look at this picture – a sign posted in Dixville Notch NH – a wind developer’s warning begs the question: WHY aren’t our federal agencies protecting the boating public/fisherman in particular from HARM?

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