The most abhorrent occupation in the world?

Magnus Johnson, a marine scientist at the University of Hull, published this observation on his blog almost a decade ago, as many readers with good memories may recall, but it remains just as pertinent today. It is reprinted here with a new introduction, in which he reflects on how little has changed in the intervening decade. “Almost 10 years ago, I published this article on my blog. (We posted it on May 18, 2013) It was at a time when it felt like fishing was being vilified through a co-ordinated effort by the NGO industry. In recent times I’ve thought ‘here we go again’ as I read complete untruths about North Sea cod being fished to extinction, the theft of the commons by the industrialization of the sea as wind farms march across it, and clamour for generic exclusion of fishers from traditional grounds in Scottish waters by NGOs. >click to read< 08:06

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