Metro lobster fishermen hauling in solid catches — and good prices

Lloyd Robicheau has endured broken bones, a torn meniscus, arthritis and more than a few lean seasons over the 33 years he’s stubbornly made a living fishing off the shores of Three Fathom Harbour.  He’s even convinced his son, who’s now a Red Seal diesel mechanic, to stay clear of the business. “You won’t find a fisherman over 50 who’s not beat up,” said Robicheau, exhausted but still chatty after 11 hours on the water last Thursday. This balmy day, when temperatures soared above 20 C, served as a much-needed salve for Robicheau and the 10 or so other lobster fishermen who earn a living out of this small port called Fisherman’s Reserve, located a few kilometres beyond Lawrencetown Beach.  Mother Nature has not been kind to these souls since the lobster season opened in Lobster Fishing Area 32, which stretches from Cole Harbour to Ecum Secum.  A combination of high winds and driving rain deprived fishermen here of a week of fishing. The season lasts just nine weeks.  Click here for more images, read the story 11:22

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