Falmouth low tide reveals wreck of Scottish trawler Ben Asdale that was swept onto rocks 44 years ago

Cornwall’s coastline is strewn with shipwrecks. More than 3,000 are recorded around our shores, with most hidden below the surface of the sea, or buried under the sands of time on our beaches. However, there are a few shipwrecks in Cornwall that can be seen at low tide – those more recent wrecks that remain where they met their peril on the rocks. Here, they slowly rust, bend and disintegrate into their surroundings – broken down by years of gentle tides and raging storms. The skeletal remains of one such wreck can still be seen at low tide below cliffs near Falmouth. Just around the corner from Maenporth Beach, below Newporth Head, lies the wreck of Scottish trawler Ben Asdale, where it was swept upon the rocks one fateful night, 44 years ago. 24 photos, >click to read< 09:36

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