Anti–wind farm petition takes off, nearing 250k signatures

A petition drive that demands a halt on wind farm projects following whale deaths along the coast has collected more than 240,000 signatures so far. (As Monday morning, March 13, the petition had more than 318,000 signatures.) Ocean City wind farm opponent Suzanne Hornick, one of the founders of Protect Our Coast NJ, which began in 2019, said it is time to stop offshore wind acoustic testing. Gov. Phil Murphy, a strong supporter of offshore wind technology, wants New Jersey to become a leader in green energy. So far, New Jersey has approved three offshore wind farms and is looking to add more.  But it appears that many New Jersey residents are opposed to the wind farms,,, >click to read< 11:36

3 Responses to Anti–wind farm petition takes off, nearing 250k signatures

  1. Pat Luyater says:

    Where do I sign?
    Murphy stands to make a lot of money on this and it’s not going to be stopped

  2. Judy Ward says:

    It makes me crazy that all of a sudden no one cares about our whales and dolphins. Be honest these Wind Turbines have proven to be problematic for our birds, animals and sea life and yes they do make the water temperature warmer. They have also not been reliable (Texas). I’m not willing to spend more for my electric until I know it is reliable and safe

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