Fisherman Aims to Revolutionize Crabbing

Crab pots have had much the same design for many years. Now a Norwegian crab fisherman is making crab fishing both more efficient and less physically demanding. ‘The problem with traditional pots is that they normally have two entrances. When brown crabs crawl in, they quite quickly block the way for more crabs to enter. In practice, 30% of the volume in a traditional pot is not filled,’ said Jim Harald Sæternes, who is producing his pots under the Vikingteina brand name. He has an application for patent rights pending. ‘The pot has three entrances above each other on three levels. This means that even if there is a lot of crab in the pot, more can get in higher up. I’ve have had the idea behind these pots for a long time. But last year I decided to make something of it, and in February I established the company Proffteiner AS.’ Photos, >click to read< 21:09

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