The new Vietnamese generation leaves the seafood business behind in Mississippi. Why?

The son does not know how to sew the nets. The father took the old boat out last month but caught no shrimp. And the docks at Bayou Caddy, where Sau Truong once taught young Elvis Ta the ways of the Gulf of Mexico, are quiet this summer. The fishermen have all gone home. “Real soon,” Ta predicts, “the Gulf Coast shrimp industry will be gone.” One by one, the children of Vietnamese fishermen on the Mississippi Coast are forsaking the livelihood that once meant everything to their families. The water was Truong’s world, four decades ago, he had fled home, crossed an ocean and eventually bought his own boat. For some, the shift is not a shock. Nguyen said many parents are excited to see kids follow careers that they choose, instead of careers they have no choice but to do. Photos, >click to read< 08:52

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