City to Sell F/V Windwalker

The Morro Bay Harbor Department was slated to auction off a local fishing boat after the owner fell behind on slip payments to the department. Harbor Director Ted Schiafone told Estero Bay News that the F/V Windwalker, a federal registered vessel, was seized by the City last year and is set for auction at 2 p.m. Thursday, July 13 at the Harbor Office. Windwalker has been sitting at the North T-Pier with stickers on the window of the wheelhouse indicating it had been seized by the U.S. Marshal’s Service. According to the auction website, Windwalker is a schooner-hulled steel vessel, built in 1984. It’s 64-feet long and 18.5’ wide and has a steel hull. She’s rigged to fish using traps or pots or troll lines,  long lines of baited hooks that trail in the water behind the boat. >click to read<  07:39

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