Newfoundland sisters continue family’s lobster legacy

It’s raining heavily and the waves are high near Bonne Bay, but Julia Crocker and Josie Hann are full of smiles as they work. The Newfoundland sisters are lobster fishing outside the tiny village of Curzon, near Woody Point. Ms. Crocker navigates the boat, while Ms. Hann pulls in the traps. Ms. Crocker and Ms. Hann have been fishing since they were teenagers. Their father, Morris Brake, needed crew members for his enterprise and both girls seized the opportunity. For Ms. Crocker, it’s now close to 20 years and for Ms. Hann, it’s nearing six. “We’re the only female lobster crew here in the area,” Ms. Hann proudly says. Photos, >click to read< 16:07

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