Erik Anderson: Facts about lost fishing gear

For those who read Rep. Gregg Hill’s Op/Ed (8/8/23) on lost or abandoned lobster gear in NH state waters, it would be appropriate to correct his misguided accusations and fabricated calculations with more clarity and accuracy that the subject deserves. Without doubt, lobster traps and fishing gear are lost every year as a result of a variety of circumstances and the nature of the beast in the conditions and environment that the fishery operates. It is humbling when a gear loss occurs to a fisherman, and I can attest that each one of us goes through an exhaustive process to recover that gear with a high rate of success. Today’s lobsterman is extremely protective of his gear as cost of a single trap exceeds $100 or more, and affording any loss is not tolerable. Rep. Hill, as a layman, has distorted this subject to an order of magnitude that does not exist. Fishing practices in NH lend to good policy for minimizing any gear loss and through cooperation, understanding and regulations with NH Fish & Game, this state does an admirable job in its environmental and resource sensitivity. I say this with confidence and experience from 50 years in the fishery. >click to read the op-ed< 10:17

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