Life on the Arctic Coast: Coxswain Kim Roger Stays Calm When Put to the Test

It is afternoon in the idyllic fishing village Sørvågen in the Lofoten Islands. Below the houses, in the bay, several small fishing vessels and a fish processing plant can be found. It is quiet outside, with the exception of a few seagulls crying. A larger fishing vessel also lies along the quay, the purse seine boat Kim Roger. High North News is allowed onboard and greet the coxswain and fisherman Kim Roger Benonisen (38). The eye is drawn to the amount of equipment located on the stern and the bow of the 50-foot-long boat; various types of ropes, winches, hydraulic hoses, a crane, and a net hauler. Kim Roger says he has been fishing his entire life. His first winter season was in 2003 – exactly 20 years ago. Photos, >>click to read<< 10:36

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