Scotland’s fishermen look forward to EU referendum

When it comes to the EU referendum, one industry where you’ll find very strong views is fishing. Paul Moss went to the main Scottish fishing port of Peterhead to canvass opinion. Charles Buchan, a member of Aberdeenshire Council, explained to me why he supported Britain’s membership of the European Union, and why in particular he thought it was good for the local fishing industry here in Peterhead. “Fishermen are allowed to land their catches in Germany, in Denmark… we’ve got longstanding ties with Europe and it would be terrible to break them,” he says. Jimmy Buchan’s position is typical (he’s no relation of Charles Buchan). He achieved national fame as the star of a BBC TV series, Trawlerman. When we meet on the dockside in Peterhead, he greets me with a cheerful grin, and friendly, avuncular manner. Yet he makes no attempt to hide his contempt for the regulations that the European Union enforces. Read the rest here 17:03

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