After felony conviction and 5-year fishing ban, the Caviar King returns to the Ohio River

David Cox is 69 years old. Emphysema makes every breath a challenge. Doctors have put so many stents in his heart that he’s lost count. And he hobbles on a bum leg overdue for surgery. None of that, though, keeps him from fishing. But Cox isn’t a run-of-the-mill angler. A long-time commercial fisherman, Cox was — and, at least in his mind, still is — Indiana’s de facto Caviar King. He’s backed up the self-proclaimed title with more than three decades of hard work, a deep knowledge of the Ohio River, and a big mouth. Since 1999, Cox and his family have caught and processed more than 15 tons of caviar worth millions of dollars. The black gold was pulled from the cold, unforgiving river one large American paddlefish at a time. Video, photos, >>click to read<< 07:25

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