Missing Westport fisherman identified after Coast Guard calls off search

Mick Diamond, or Mike, depending on who you talked to, wasn’t everyone’s favorite person. But if you loved him, you liked him, even when he drove you up the wall, according to his son, Joe. Diamond, 63, and a crewmate went missing on the fishing vessel Evening nearly two weeks ago after they departed the Westport Marina in Grays Harbor. Diamond’s crewmate, who has not yet been publicly identified, was found alive by a Canadian fishing family 13 days later, in a life raft 70 miles northwest of Cape Flattery. Diamond has not been found. His family says they were told via a statement from the survivor that the boat capsized after it got caught in a trough between rough swells, and that Diamond told the surviving crew member to get to the life raft while he took control of the vessel. >>click to read<<  07:03

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