UPDATED: Gloucester Fisherman dies after falling overboard

Gloucester lost one of its fishing sons on Monday afternoon when 49-year-old Nicolo Vitale, a crewman aboard the Miss Sandy, went overboard as the vessel returned from fishing and later died at Addison Gilbert Hospital. The Coast Guard received a distress call from the Miss Sandy’s captain, Vince Taormina, that a crew member had gone into the water off the boat’s deck and could not be located. “He said he turned around and his crew member wasn’t there,” Gloucester fishing vessels Santo Pio, owned and captained by Joe Orlando, and the Angela + Rose, which is owned and captained by Paul Vitale, Nicolo Vitale’s cousin, joined the search. >click to read< 20:09

4 Responses to UPDATED: Gloucester Fisherman dies after falling overboard

  1. t. mitchell says:

    what a shame. RIP

  2. Rocky Novello says:

    One of the Best of Gloucester’s fisherman gone but will never be forgotten !!!

  3. - Moderator says:

    These words that were on a sign at a memorial constructed for a fisherman that died last Thursday, Charles Lathrop of Stonington Connecticut, and they are fitting for Nicole Vitale.
    “Good men never leave us, they become legends we never forget.”

  4. sam Anthony parisi says:

    I a said day in Gloucester to lose a hard working fisherman he will be missed by all

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