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Louie Rivers

Louie Rivers was among the finest men I’ve known, and times spent aboard the Miss Sandy are my best memories on the water. Our days began before the sun, walking dark Provincetown streets to the pier. This was the 1980s. Young men ending their adventures, as we were starting ours, made lewd comments about this odd pair, a young long-haired bearded guy alongside a squat older man with arms like thick oak limbs. Louie would just laugh. In all our years I never saw him get into an argument or fight, a rare thing among fishermen. Miss Sandy was tied up at MacMillan Wharf like a dog waiting to get off leash. >click to continue reading< 16:17

Gloucester Fisherman Nicolo Vitale, ‘He was the type of guy who would do anything for you’

On Monday, Vitale died after going overboard from the Miss Sandy as the vessel returned from fishing for haddock with a handful of Gloucester day boats. About a mile outside the breakwater, Capt. Vince Taormina turned from the wheel and the deck was empty. Vitale was gone. “We’re so grateful for everybody that helped,” said Joe Orlando, who owns and operates the Santo Pio. “We’re especially grateful to the Coast Guard for how quickly they came and for everything that they did.” Orlando was the captain that located Vitale’s body floating facedown and unresponsive in the water on Monday. “He was the type of guy who would do anything for you,” Orlando said. “He was a jewel.” By all accounts, Vitale lived life to the fullest and on his own terms. He fished on boats throughout the harbor, including the Angela + Rose, which is owned and captained by his first cousin, Paul Vitale. 9 photos, >click to read< Rest in Peace, Captain. 22:30

UPDATED: Gloucester Fisherman dies after falling overboard

Gloucester lost one of its fishing sons on Monday afternoon when 49-year-old Nicolo Vitale, a crewman aboard the Miss Sandy, went overboard as the vessel returned from fishing and later died at Addison Gilbert Hospital. The Coast Guard received a distress call from the Miss Sandy’s captain, Vince Taormina, that a crew member had gone into the water off the boat’s deck and could not be located. “He said he turned around and his crew member wasn’t there,” Gloucester fishing vessels Santo Pio, owned and captained by Joe Orlando, and the Angela + Rose, which is owned and captained by Paul Vitale, Nicolo Vitale’s cousin, joined the search. >click to read< 20:09

BREAKING: Fisherman goes overboard on way home

A local fisherman went overboard as his ship was coming into port this evening. Nicolo Vitale, 49, was on the Miss Sandy as it returned to Gloucester Harbor, and went overboard about one mile from the breakwater. He was pulled from the water by a crew from Coast Guard Station Gloucester. He was brought to shore, where medical personnel treated him before he was taken to Addison Gilbert Hospital. The story will be updated at GDT >click to read< 19:04