Opening of season proves bay scallops are hard to find

While the rest of us admire fall foliage, North Fork baymen look to nature for signs that predict the health of adult bay scallops. They watch the docks and parking lots to see if they are littered with broken scallop shells dropped and picked over by gulls; a good sign. They scan the beaches after a strong wind to see if scallops have washed up, another good sign. This year, once again, the signs were not encouraging. The bay scallop season, which started Monday in New York and runs through March, looks to be just as bad this year as it has been for the past four, which means the most reliable way to get a bay scallop dinner is to know a fisherman — and the most reliable way for a fisherman to make a living is to fish for something else. >>click to read<< 13:03

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