Fraserburgh RNLI Crews’ 12-Hour Rescue Mission to Stranded Fishing Vessel

In a daring 12-hour operation, the dedicated crew of Fraserburgh RNLI, under the command of Duty Coxswain Victor Sutherland, successfully rescued a distressed fishing vessel stranded 40 miles off the coast. The 19-metre fishing vessel, carrying a crew of seven, found itself in dire straits when another passing fishing vessel attempted to lend a helping hand. However, the tumultuous sea conditions rendered evacuation unsafe, prompting the Coxswain to make the pivotal decision to attach a tow line. The Fraserburgh RNLI lifeboat, named “Willie and May Gall,” swiftly launched at 12:28pm, racing against time to reach the distressed vessel. >>click to read<< 07:24

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