Non-profit helps scores of commercial fishermen with free fishing licenses

It’s not uncommon for a delayed start to Dungeness crab season along Oregon, in fact, many fishermen try to plan ahead for it. This year is the second in a row for commercial crabbers with the start on December 16 rather than December 1 due to low meat yields. Even with some fishermen able to secure other work, there remain those who need help making ends meet as they await the season open. Non-profit Charleston Fishing Families formed in 2016 with one of their goals being to help those fishermen. “During this time, money’s already tight. It’s holiday season. Often there’s a delay in the season, and so this was one way where we could directly help and impact the fishermen and just offset a little bit of costs. It may not be a lot, but it does help,” said Jackie Chambers, president of CFF. “This year, we had a record number of 73 in the span of five hours.” >>click to read<< 17:05

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