Can you spot the winners?

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that 2 “big winner” sectors from the catch shares scam, are the same ones that have also been the puppets of the ENGOs. Also coincidence that these same 2 sectors are the ones (and only ones) represented on the New England council. Isn’t it interesting how they worked with the ENGO’s and NMFS every step of the way, and somehow came out as big winners? Click on image for larger view.these 2 sectors won big with the catch shares scam

The negative numbers in the far right column? Those show that the “winner” sectors have so much quota that they can’t even catch it all. So they sold millions of pounds of quota. To the fewer and fewer remaining “loser” sectors. The sectors that used to represent a large majority of the fishermen in New England.

As we know, part of the catch shares scam is “fleet consolidation” where their own studies showed that the industries that go with catch shares may lose 50% of crew positions as the smaller boats drop out. But the “winner” sectors never seem to lose any jobs. It pays to be the puppets of the big green mafia ENGO’s! They worked with the NGO’s and NMFS every step of the way, and scored these massive quotas.

This whole system is a scam. Abolish catch shares now!

5 Responses to Can you spot the winners?

  1. borehead says:

    Interesting post, 66!

  2. philips66 says:

    It looks like NEFS 4 sold over 3 million pounds. I think that is the group that got $12 million for the LNG payoff and doesn't include any vessels.

  3. borehead says:

    Who is in that sector? Can we find out?

  4. philips66 says:

    I'm sure some of our friends in Gloucester are very familiar with it. That sector selling 3 million of quota isn't a scandal like the 2 green puppet sectors are. I think that Sector IV was setup to do this exactly, this is how they spent the $ from the LNG, purchasing permits so they could lease quota out. But the green puppet sectors have so much quota because the big green mafia bought and paid for these useful idiots.

    "For example, under the sector management system, the majority of GFCPF permits have been enrolled in IV, Northeast Fishery Sector Inc. NEFS IV is a lease-only sector that was developed primarily to provide a mechanism under the sector management system for the GFCPF to continue its mission of assisting the Gloucester fishing community"

  5. borehead says:

    This is stuff I have not paid attention to. Stay on that, while I focus on the other stuff. We'll tag team this.

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