Cleary steps down from SEA-NL to focus on fishery Co-op

Ryan Cleary stepped down Thursday as Executive Director of SEA-NL, a non-profit association that advocates on behalf of licensed inshore enterprise owners, to focus his full attention on the formation of a new fisheries co-operative. “I remain as passionate about SEA-NL as the day Merv Wiseman and I started the organization and will continue as a tireless advocate for the inshore fleet, but my focus is drawn to the formation of a new fisheries co-operative,” said Cleary, who was hired as SEA-NL’s first Executive Director in February 2022.  “The public can expect to hear as much or more from me on behalf of inshore enterprise owners.” Cleary said he hopes SEA-NL will continue its valuable advocacy role, and work hand-in-hand with the new co-operative to achieve the common goal of prosperous fisheries and rural communities.  “The goals and objectives of SEA-NL and the future Co-op are the same, and I hope to work collaboratively to achieve them together,” said Cleary, who continues to work with Mr. Wiseman on development of the Co-op. “Full-steam ahead.”


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