Rescue Operation Saves 24 on Sinking Ship in Japan, One Fatality Confirmed

During an intense rescue mission amid turbulent seas off the southwest coast of Tokyo, a Japanese coast guard helicopter successfully retrieved 24 fishermen from a perilous situation where they were holding onto a nearly capsized ship. The incident, which occurred on Monday morning near an island chain, unfortunately also involved a fatality when one crew member was recovered deceased after being cast into the sea. The vessel, identified as Fukuei Maru No. 8, experienced engine trouble on Sunday evening in the Pacific Ocean while on route from Yaizu Port in central Japan to South America for a tuna-fishing expedition. About five hours after departure, the ship began to drift due to the stormy conditions, prompting the captain to send out a distress call reporting that the ship had struck rocks, as stated by the coast guard. Video, more, >>click to read<< 06:57

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