MEDIA RELEASE: Crab Fishery Underway in Newfoundland and Labrador

With an agreement reached, the snow crab tie-up ended on Friday and a fishery is now underway in most areas of the province. The secured agreement is a formula structure that guarantees a lowest minimum price of 2.20 per pound with incremental increases as the Urner Barry market price increases. “To say we are no better off than when the Panel price came out is incorrect. The final offer selection process didn’t give harvesters a formula. But the Union did. Our members’ solidarity did. The value we’ve protected here is extremely important and cannot be overstated,” says FFAW-Unifor President Greg Pretty. >click to read< 19:39

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  1. Ryan Everard says:

    All the arguing and bickering among us all goes back to the root cause. We are intentionally given a play book that is designed to put one of us against the other. The sad part about it is we are the ones should have possession of the puck. While we fight against each other the ASP is filling the net. That’s not because they are bad people, it’s because they have an extremely good coach (Loader). We are too busy reviewing the play book then depending on young talent to win the game. It’s time we picked two All star teams from our talented league (Offshore & Inshore) Let the offshore compete against being corporately owned because they are powerful enough to do it, and let the inshore work on developing our minor leaguers because that’s where’s the next Hayley Wickenheiser or Connor Bedard is going to come from. They are there now but Instead of calling them up The Executive Director of the PFHCB (Bettman) isn’t listening to the league and is going straight to Government & senate and telling them our young talent is too talented to play alongside of us. It’s time for us to all concentrate on winning the game so we can win our divisions and take home the cup.

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