F/V Aleutian Storm: Volunteers rally to clear Sonoma Coast beach of debris from wrecked fishing vessel

“It was a great great, great turnout, I’m so inspired,” said Cea Higgins, who helped organize the event as advocacy coordinator and former executive director of Coastwalk/California Coastal Trail Association. She estimated at least 85 people, each of whom filled two or three 30-gallon contractor garbage bags, showed up on a day threatened by rain that, ultimately, stayed pretty much away. “We’re so, so lucky, it’s primarily been sunny,” Higgins said. “We just had one little squall move through. And by the time everybody got their rain gear on, it stopped.” The 58-foot Aleutian Storm came aground late Feb. 9 and was torn apart by subsequent winter storms. 9 slides of good people, more, >>click to read<< 18:46

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