Fishermen sail in from the Gulf to sell fresh seafood off the boat at this Louisiana market

Between March and December, a line of people wait, ice chests in hand, on the first Saturday morning of the month in the tiny hamlet of Delcambre. They’re waiting for the fishermen to coast in from the Gulf after catching crabs, fish or shrimp. Some fishermen shimmy into a boat slip, then dock and sell their catch fresh off the boat at the Delcambre Seafood and Farmers Market, held under the Bayou Carlin Cove Boat Landing and Pavilion at 605 S. Railroad St., Delcambre. Launched in 2013, the market hosts up to 60 vendors who sell everything from fresh produce, baked goods, jams and canned food to handmade crafts, jewelry and personalized T-shirts. Additionally, musicians provide live music for customers to enjoy. Lots of photos! more, >>click to read<< 20:12

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