Retired truck driver’s life savings sunk with fishing boat after grounding on Farewell Spit

Eddie Lockington is now bankrupt at age 74, with only a car to his name – and he had to refinance that – after his boat, the Scorpio, was left in pieces from the events of two years ago and the insurance company refused to pay out. The boat was eventually cut up by the local council, which salvaged it, and skipper Simon Dunjey has now been sentenced to community work for operating a ship in a manner causing unnecessary danger or risk and operating a ship without the right number of crew. Lockington sold his house in Greymouth to buy the $35,000 boat in 2019 and had planned to go fishing after retiring from a life on the road, but then got cancer so decided to hire a crew to run the boat. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 07:41

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