Gloucester: Sam Novello straight up tell’s it like it is. It ain’t pretty.

gdt iconA TV news segment earlier this week showcased what’s happening in – or what’s happened to — our fishing industry at the hand of our own government. It showed Al Cottone had caught his yearly quota of cod, not within a year, but within a period of just five hours. That’s what he was allowed for the year, and filled it in one tow. The arrogant John Bullard, who doesn’t qualify to be called with a prefix of mister, was asked by the TV reporter if he was insinuating that fisherman were liars — and he had to think for a minute to cover himself and say he wasn’t saying that. more@GDT 06:15

4 Responses to Gloucester: Sam Novello straight up tell’s it like it is. It ain’t pretty.

  1. Alaska Gal says:

    Bullard would undoubtedly make excellent crab bait.

  2. Good work NMFS.Good work enviros.Good work destroying a community.And for what ? So that some non working trustafarian enviro too lazy to get a real job can go to the trendy little party and pretend there life is relavant ? Joe Orlando can at least look back on his life and damn sure know he did something worthy by harvesting healthy , nutritious , sustainable seafood.

  3. Too bad the rule makers do not weigh the positive actions and community benefits towns like Gloucester benefited from the fishing fleet and guys like Joe. That town needs a break and allow fisherman to make a living which trickles back into the community.

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